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From the founders of

If you bill Medicaid,

You need to know your patients are covered.

From the top of the month.


of Americans plan to change coverage every year

(changes you need to keep on top of)


of claims that are denied are due to inaccurate payer information

(that's thousands of dollars a month)


The average cost to rework a claim

(if it can, in fact, be reworked)

But whichever way you go,

traditional insurance verification is broken.

Which one are you?

I verify my census monthly

The Problems:

I don’t have access at the top of the month

and are blindly servicing patients for the first few days

I need to compare payer data for all 28,492 records. Manually.

No pressure! But when there were mistakes, it costs, big time.

My caregivers check eligibility at

every touchpoint.

The Problems:

It’s tedious for the nurse

and they know more about lunar eclipses

It’s annoying for the client

sorry, we actually can’t service you right now because you’re not covered.

And it’s expensive for you

sorry, we actually can’t service you right now because you’re not covered.

There's a (much) better way.

With MedCheck you can easily and quickly spot changes to your client's Medicaid coverage.

Flagged, tagged, and ready to go.

Check it out for yourself!

What exactly makes MedCheck


You never need to do data comparison again

Medcheck’s super powerful software runs active payer data against the payers listed in your system to find any discrepencies. Tags it. Supplies relevant information. Even maps it to your insurance codes.

Hours of work, in just minutes of time.

You can check whenever you want

You get unlimited runs. Which means you can check:

The 1st, to track any changes in the new month. The 15th, to checkfor any changes in mid-month. The 20th, to ensure eligibility is inplace for next month’s enrollment. Any time in between, to catch any changes. Even retroactively, to check a client’s coverage for a specific time period.

All for one flat monthly fee.

You can see live Medicaid status

We pull the data from Medicaid every time you pull a report, so you’ll always see the most current status.

You can check all of your lists in one run

Finally. Combine all your lists (even unenrolled clients!) in one neat file. Upload and done.

Insurance verification, done

in under 4 minutes of your time.

4,000 or 40,000 records, here’s how it works:

Create your lists

We'll give you the form. You copy/paste your list (any-even unenrolled clients) onto the form.

Upload to the portal

And then cross it off your list– no babysitting necessary. We’ll email you once it’s been accepted, or if it needs further attention.

Get your report

Receive an email when your report is ready to view. Average processing time: up to 3 hours (peak- first weekday of the month) Only 40 minutes off-peak!

Get set up in 30 minutes.

Risk-free trial. No commitment.


Built around the way you work

And adding features every month

Get notified when a new payer needs to

be mapped with New Payer Notifications

Download the results as CSV or Excel

files with Export

See the full story with Member History

Find a record in seconds with

Advance Search.

Areas of Service

Proudly servicing New York

and Pennsylvania

Batch verification software with

Real-time results + Payer comparison + 100% accuracy

See how we stack up

Unlimited Runs. One flat fee.

So you can start where you’re at, and scale when you’re ready.

How many members do you have?

Drag the slider to view pricing


a month

MedCheck Enterprise: Have over 20,000 members? Reach out for custom pricing + enterprise perks. Call us at

+1 (800) 660 3205.

There’s nothing even close to it on the market.

It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s accurate so I can quickly get the data I need to make sure our roster is covered with no down time.

Hisham Hosnni

AR Manager, Preferred Health Care

If you bill Medicaid, you need MedCheck.

Before MedCheck, we were servicing patients without knowing if we could ever recoup the money, costing us thousands of dollars. We had no way to see payer changes for the first few days of the month, no way to track subsequent changes, no way to see real-time status.

With MedCheck, we can literally pull the live Medicaid status and track changes for our entire client roster on-demand, it’s given us the control and visibility we need to stay on top of our insurance verification, highly recommend.

David Greenstein

Director of Operations, Edison Home Health Care


How much are unclean claims costing you?

Cost to submit initial claim

Cost to rework claim

Cost of the claim

Potential revenue you could have tapped

Thousands of dollars every month!

A lot more than insurance verification.

Stop chasing after your money due to inaccurate payer info.
Get more clean claims- and revenue- with MedCheck.

Get set up in 30 minutes.

Risk-free trial. No commitment.